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Peer-Reviewed Publications


Swendener, Alexis. 2021. "Misery Loves Company? Linkages Between Actual vs. Desired Couple Work Arrangements and Women's Mental Health." Community, Work, & Family 24(2):173-192.

Smyth, Jolene, Alexis Swendener, and Emily Kazyak. 2018. “Women’s Work? The Relationship between Farm Work and Gender Self-Perception.” Rural Sociology 83(3):654-676.

Jochman, Joseph, Alexis Swendener, Julia McQuillan, and Luke Novack. 2018. “Are Biological Science Knowledge, Interests, and Science Identity Framed by Religious and Political Perspectives in the United States?”  The Sociological Quarterly 59(4):584-602.

Swendener, Alexis and Brandi Woodell. 2017. “Predictors of Family Support and Well-Being Among Black and Latina/o Sexual Minorities.Journal of GLBT Family Studies 13(4):357-379.

Swendener, Alexis. 2017. “Examining Inequalities in Science Literacy by Religious Affiliation among Adults.”  The Nebraska Educator 4:47-63.


Tyler, Kimberly A., Lisa A. Kort-Butler, and Alexis Swendener. 2014. “The Effect of Victimization, Mental Health, and Protective Factors on Crime and Illicit Drug Use among Homeless Young Adults.Violence and Victims 29(2):348-362.

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