Teaching Experience


I currently serve as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Old Dominion University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I also have previous experience in teaching as a Graduate Instructor of Record/Course Designer as well as serving as a Teaching Assistant.

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Introduction to Sociology (in-person and online in Canvas LMS)

Graduate Instructor of Record/Course Designer


Families and Society (in-person and online in Canvas LMS)

Introduction to Sociology (in-person and online in Canvas LMS)

Social Problems (in-person)

Gender in Contemporary Society (in-person and online in Blackboard LMS)

Pedagogical Approach and Experience


I believe it is important scholarly work to teach and share sociological academic research and perspectives with students. My background as a first-generation student from a rural area informs my pedagogical approaches to emphasize the examination of various sources of social inequality in all my courses as well as to employ transparent teaching techniques to benefit students of all backgrounds.

I have designed and adapted my courses to fit a variety of student needs and formats, including:​​

Student Background

Predominately white institution


Minority-serving institution


Implementing courses face-to-face,

online in both Canvas and Blackboard,

& mixed-format


Urban institution


institution in predominately rural state

Class Size



large class sizes

Range: 19-250 students

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